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Let me introduce myself, I'm Mike Hollon. I was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska,
with stints in San Diego, California and Kansas City, Missouri. I'm now based out of
Asheville, North Carolina. I moved here in 2021 for music, mountains, and to welcome
change. I have discovered a peaceful connection to these mountains, in the trails that I
hike weekly and the vibrant music scene, with its huge range of venues and shows
happening every day of the week.

Music has always been the constant in my life. I have seemed to work about every job
under the sun, but while being employed as a grocery store clerk, server, telemarketer,
landscaper, delivery driver, door to door salesman, house remodeler or bartender (and I
can go on), my music has always been the passion that drives me. Songwriting, for my
solo work or with my band, has always been my outlet for release, expression,
connection, and purpose.

My style blends elements of blues, roots, rock, soul, classic country, and folk. Many of
my songs are about struggle and the strength of the human spirit. Throughout the lyrics,
you'll hear a call to keep moving and find out what's next. My music has been featured in
Paste Magazine and Classic Rock UK magazine, where my song Devil's Mind was
included in a CD sampler of new psychedelic music from around the world.

My musical influences are far-reaching and varied, but I have to give credit to a couple
people who have had a big influence on my style. Along with my parents' records and a
fantastic oldies radio station that helped me discover the music of the 50's and 60's,
Jimi Hendrix made me want to pick up a guitar and develop my style after I saw his
Woodstock performance on film. I traced his roots back through Muddy Waters' delta
blues and the jazz of Miles and Coltrane. A gift of Willie and the Family Live from a
friend set me down a path through the history of American country and folk music, and I
have had a special place for Willie Nelson in my heart ever since. Influences from
Motown, funk, and pop through the generations have encouraged me to explore,
experiment, and refine my sound.

After experiencing some painful low points over the last few years and developing some
bad habits along with them, the pandemic piled a few more challenges on but also
changed my perspective in unexpected ways. It gave me time to slow down and
prioritize. For the first time in my life, I regularly frequented the city parks, guitar and
writing pad in hand. Sitting in nature and taking time to read and create gave me the
energy I needed to focus on new material as a solo artist. I'm emerging from that
experience with a new outlook and a new commitment to the role music plays in my life.
As my music continues to grow and evolve, the importance of artistic authenticity and
human connection remains central to my songwriting.

I'm so grateful for the support from family, friends, and strangers throughout the years
who have listened to my music and I am so excited to see what can happen. I feel like I'm
just beginning.

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